i’m a redophile what more do you need to know

OK fine. First off, here’s where else to find me/the shit I create!

I’ll add more when I actually use the ones I just posted orz If you add me on Facebook, please send me a message saying who you are, otherwise I will ignore you.

Fandom: Pokemon, Cyborg 009, Legend of Zelda, Fullmetal Alchemist, Avatar/Legend of Korra, Kid Icarus, DBZ, Death Note, Kingdom Hearts, Mother/Earthbound, ROTG, SSBB, Tron, Final Fantasy, Onceler, some Hamsteak, UC Gundam, Wreck-It Ralph, and Evangelion.

I run Fuck Yeah Red and Weird Pokemon Shit. NSFW blog is here and every once in a while I have the motivation to add new posts to You Sourced That Wrong

I have a mental illness/recovery sideblog over here

My background was made by this person and my icon was drawn by this person, though it was commissioned for me by this person.

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Some stuff IDK:

  • This blog is mostly fandoms and comic sans I say it’s a personal blog but I think it’s just the blog form of comic sans like it doesn’t take itself seriously and neither does anyone else but it still tries way too fukken hard

  • White whitey mcwhiteperson
  • I literally can’t look at my skin in the sun because the reflection off of my #FFFFFF skin actually hurts my eyes
  • My eyes are gray but they look really blue sometimes, esp if my hair is black but they are GRAY!!! OKAY!!!! this is important do not make this mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pansexual. More accurately demisexual and panromantic but who gives a shit lol
  • Synaesthete! 
  • Cosplayer/Congoer. If you’ve been to a con in the north/mideastern US/NY, you’ve probably met me. But I can turn invisible at will so maybe you didn’t see me.
  • I own three sewing machines and my main technique is emitting high pitched screeches at them until cosplay is made
  • Art student whooooo
  • Gryffindor. I like to think I hold the Triforce of Courage, too.
  • Bard of Heart
  • ENFP and present INTJ. 
  • My real name is Keegan if you’re curious, but please just call me Pyro unless you are bestowed with special Keegan privileges. And even then don’t do it in public because then other people I don’t know call me by my real name and no stop that that’s weird if i don’t know you
  • I have a snake, Mortimer. I have other pets, too, but he’s the most noteworthy. He’s a 5 year old ball python and he is lovely.
  • I have a triforce tattoo on my left hand. I also have a few piercings. Ganon gives me a lot of trouble but hey. 
  • I live in the middle of fucking nowhere and complain about it a lot
  • One time I was on buzzfeed in an article about anime body pillows because my friend took a picture of me with hers and it is incredibly telling of who i am as a person that of all the things i have done this is what gets put on buzzfeed omfg
  • One time i grabbed a lean cuisine out of the freezer to sob into it and smacked my forehead into it so hard i gave myself a lump and then I used the frozen lean cuisine as an ice pack after injuring myself with it

  • Diagnosed Aspergers, try my best not to be an ass burger. I will straight-up tell you I suck at communicating, eat my foot daily, and literally can’t empathize under most circumstances.
  • I’m diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder as well. The combination of this with aspergers is THE origin of the saying, “not all things are chocolate and peanut butter” I swear to god.
  • Also diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder and PTSD. Aren’t I just a nice little snowflake, listing all my mental and neurological issues?
  • I care a buttload about womens rights, racial issues, lgbtq rights, transgender rights, ending the fuck out of rape and abuse culture and a lot of other sociopolitical issues and you can expect to see this alongside all of my reblogs of pictures with comic sans on them and crying over fictional characters get used to it. 
  • My parents are awesome and they are the coolest people ever
  • My goddaughter, Raven Red Sherman, means the world to me. ♥ Wanna guess who gave her that middle name??
  • I’m pretty social. Don’t be scared to talk to me because I’m not that intimidating even if I can be a huge jerk sometimes! C: Some of the best friends I have are the ones who were initially scared to come off anon and talk to me. 
  • I’m really really bad at getting back to people. A lot of the time I think I responded to something I didn’t, or I fall asleep, or I don’t see it, etc. If I don’t respond, it’s NEVER because of you. When in doubt that I got something, message me twice because I’m terrible. |D
  • I’m trying to be a better person. If I say or do something that bothers you, please tell me. I’m open to critique and completely willing to hear what you have to say and not just jump to defend myself!!
  • That doesn’t mean you should send rude anons because those aren’t nice and i will find you and flush a pad down your toilet I’M A MAN I DON’T EVEN USE PADS BUT I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN OK
  • There are places where I am serious, introspective, say intelligent things, use proper grammar, contribute to society, and better myself. This blog is none of those places. 
  • I’m supposed to use this page to make myself look good, but I’ve done some seriously shitty things and seriously hurt people. These days, I do my best to give back what it’s cost society to keep me/the damage I’ve done and help people, but I’m far from where I want to be and what I want to do. This is relevant to exactly nothing.
  • I talk too fucking much omfg
  • actually my entire life can be summed up by this picture of a hot dog on the floor 
  • i fucking wrote hot dong at first i’m so done