Fera, Gayry, Cher, Chao, and I don’t say “I love you”. We say “KLJGLKDFSJGLKFDS GAARY OAK PRECIOUS BABY FCUKS LDGJKSDL;DFLGKDF;GDKF GGODBYE I HAM GONE FLIES INTO THE SUN I CAN’T FANHANDE,L, SO PERECT IM CRYINGD FOREVERYING GARY OAK” which translates to “If you stab me tears over Gary Oak spill out instead of blood” and I think that’s beautiful.

palletshipping bedtime?

It wasn’t often that Ash turned into him this way, nuzzling into his chest and tickling his collarbones with his hair. Gary smiled, kissing fluffy hair and squeezing the trainer’s warm body closer to him. When he felt the warmth of needle-like fur and the weight of his other beloved companion settling against his back, Gary knew he was either going to sleep very well or never get to sleep at all.


You are my;;
[] Acquaintance 
[x] Friend
[] Stranger
[] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
[] Love Interest
[xand i love lisa so much] Best Friend
[] Enemy
[x] Nemesis
[xpurrs at ur my owner] Other

I think you’re;;
[] Ugly
[x] Ok
[x] Pretty
[] Beautiful
[] Gorgeous
[] Sexy
[] Hot

We should;;
[] Fight
[] Fuck
[x] Kiss
[] Make love 
[] Text
[x] Watch films

[x] Like You
[] Hate You
[x] Love You
[xa dumb gay N baby who ghetsis buys tampons for] Think you’re …

I secretly;;
[] Hate You
[] Love You
[] Like You
[] Dislike You

Should you reblog this?
[x] Yes
[] No

neck, hair

Neck: Do you wear necklaces?

I wear my FMA pendant literally every day and have for almost 4 years now. I haven’t since Genericon and it’s the longest I’ve gone without it 8C I need to find it and wear it again. I’m getting a tattoo of the flamel cross on my sternum. I figure if I can commit to wearing a pendant for four years, I’m probably still gonna want the tattoo in four years more.

Hair: What hair color looks best on you and what’s your natural color?

Eh, I dunno, since I haven’t tried all of them. I do love the way black looks on me/think of myself with black hair when I picture myself. But it’s too much work, so I stick with my natural blonde. 

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KITTY *pets you forever*

sticks butt in face


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I think to some degree we all get a little disappointed about things even if we see them a mile away. Life just kind of sucks that way. But, here’s some consoling hugs from Chao. *hug*

pushes onto floor

becomes a cat

curls up on chest

gives a cat fur mustache

*hugs you* I hope that whatever's making you feel bad this time that you'll get through it and feel better again. :c

I’ve been hoping that for months myself. :c


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because feelings can really fucking suck sometimes

 garybluegreen replied to your postwhy am I so bad at feelings


I wish I had came because from the screenies littering my dash it looks like it was amazing. (acknowledging the fact that there was actually legitimate questions between the shipping)

We had some really GREAT questions. I am amazed how in-character I got for some of them. |D;; Apparently I’m bursting at the seams with philosophical Pokemon feelings. 


PixivRed and Modern!Red/~*FIRE*~

Pixiv Red can fall to his death. He’s pretty, but he’s got nothing on MAH BOI Fire.