Tags I use that you may want to savior

If you follow me, I suggest you blacklist “#shit no one cares about”. It’s my dumb personal/blah/stupid/conversation tag.

I tag for triggers/squicks/”I DON’T WANT TO SEE THIS”. People give tws/cws shit but. What are you gonna do, judge me for making peoples’ lives easier???? 

If you try typing these tags in the URL, I haven’t used all of them, lol. Some of them are new and yet to be broken in, so stay tuned I guess?

Triggers and squicks:

I usually tag posts with #tw: [whatever] but sometimes I’ll tag the item seperate. Items preceded with # on this list are their own tag and are preceded by #tw:

I also usually put a / after the tag so it isn’t searchable on my blog/in tags

  • #Shota
  • Violence
  • Rape
  • #Guro
  • #Blood
  • #Self Harm
  • Trigger Warning
  • tw:
  • #Suicide
  • Ableism
  • Heterosexism
  • Cissexism
  • Abuse
  • #Partner abuse
  • Animal abuse
  • Animal harm
  • Incest
  • Alcohol
  • Anger
  • Emetophobia
  • Trypophobia
  • Death
  • Eating disorder
  • Weight loss
  • Body image
  • Clowns
  • Eye gore


  • #snakeblogging is my snake tag
  • #catblogging is my cat tag
  • I tag spiders with both #spider and #arachnid
  • Bugs I usually tag with #insect unless they have 8 legs
  • I tag moths with #moth

Ask me if you need a tag for something!

My food tag is #delicious motherfucking food


I tag everything NSFW if it’s NSFW but some people don’t want to just savior NSFW altogether so I’ve filtered it down

  • #NSFW for anything that shows nudity or adult content
  • #nsfw trans* for images involving trans* people
  • #nude for artistic nudes, often paintings or portraits. Note if it is just an art nude I will not tag it NSFW
  • #nsfw porn for nsfw sexually explicit images that contain real people (gifs/video/photos)
  • #rough sex for, well, that. Since it can be triggering I will tag it even if it’s consensual!
  • #nsfw humor for NSFW that isn’t really sexual/cartoon/a joke. ie, badly drawn dicks. 
  • #cute porn, ‘cause
  • #TMI for personal TMI things
  • #LOWB usually accompanies #TMI. LOWB is an abbreviation for Lord of Watery Butts. The Lord of Watery Butts is the deity responsible for diarrhea. 


  • #pyro being an asshole
  • #weddingblogging
  • #pyro vagueblogs
  • #gushblogging
  • #griefblogging (for grief posts, usually under a read more)
  • #shinjiblogging (for REALLY bad mental illness posts, don’t usually post those here, though, and if I do they are under a read more)
  • #non fictional red tag for my now-deceased friend, Red
  • #remembering red memory-positive tag for Red
  • #white people food for posts where I reblog/make fun of some of the silly stuff white people eat, since a lot of people don’t like it. I also use #white nonsense


I don’t always tag my Pokemon but I usually tag the ships and the human characters, rarely for all the pokemon involved though. I tag Pokemon anime-related posts with #pokemon anime. All other fandoms are just tagged with the fandom name unless it’s not fandom specific. 

If you want to search a tag on my blog or see if I’ve tagged something with that, just type it http://pyroluminescence.tumblr.com/tagged/[whatever] and you can see what I’ve posted!! You can also type it in the search box in the sidebar. I don’t really organize or keep track of my tags on this blog unless it’s linked in my sidebar, sorry!